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Automotive fuel injector flow testing and repair

Automotive fuel injector flow testing and repair

DEL-TRON PRODUCTS  Automotive fuel injector flow testing and repair service. Are computer controlled fuel injector test machine to test injectors at different pressures and rpms. Perform comprehensive leak test and injector firing test. Also view the spray pattern,for standard top/side feed injectors. Cleaning process with heated ultrasonic cleaning and back flush. Injectors will be ohms tested, o-rings, basket and pintle cap removed. All new hardware will be installed once on each injector and tested before being returned to customer.This service starts at $24 per injector, and a shipping fee.

(Note to all customers that wish to used this service, make sure there is no fuel in the injectors before shipping and place each injector in its own baggie. Write down your shipping address, contact number, email and make of vehicle, model, year, engine size,send info with injectors, also email the info to are email address.)   

Please e-mail for more info 

$26.00 $24.00